Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Book series

I found a new book series to read, only the newest one is #19, so I had to go to the piddly library here and get the earlier ones. They only had 8 of them, so I got them all. I think I can do eight in two weeks since I have already read half of the first one I got. Of course, they did not have the earliest ones, so I got the 11th through 18th. They do have the 19th one, but it was a 7 day loan and I don't think I can do that many in one week! ( You know how I am about reading books in order).

Anyway, these are about a fat, middle aged, retired ad- executive who has turned sleuth. She is cranky and lives alone and chain smokes and is always trying to make deals with God about the smoking. Pretty funny, actually. They are set in England and written by an English author, so you kinda have to get in that mindset and be able to weed through the colloquial language. For example......a biscuit ain't a biscuit in England is a cookie.

I'll be sure and let y'all know if I can wade through them. So far, so good.

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Betty said...

Oh, I just love to hear about new authors...this one sounds like just my style. First, I have to read the Sookie Stackhouse series...ALL of them...then I'll try this author. Thanks for the information.