Thursday, December 11, 2008

New 'Do for "Lunchbox"

Here's is a pic of my little Bindi. Ok, she isn't so "little" anymore, in fact, she is downright fat. The gals at work have started calling her "Lunchbox" again. She had a little period when she had gained a bit of weight back when she was a "teenager" and she earned that name. She lost most of that, but now I am afraid that she is back on the portly side.

When Gigi was here, I had found a bunch of clumps of hair on the floor....I thought Bindi was pulling it out of Gigi, but I continued to find it after Gigi went home. Actually it was coming out of Bindi.....big hunka chunks of undercoat. I took her to work yesterday and just shaved her down to keep it off the floor. Bad move.

Now she looks like a pin-headed pig. Everybody was laughing at her. As if she doesn't have enough anxiety already! She has perfected the "deer-in-the-headlights" expression.

Oh well, guess it is back on a diet for the Binster.

I'm watching the old movie "Gigi" on TCM. It is so good. I am recording a bunch of old musicals for the little Girlie to watch in her spare time. She loves them.


Betty said...

If you get three comments from me, it's because there is a glitch in the that like a hitch in my gitalong?

I love Bindi's expression...she looks like a really sweet companion. And there's one thing about grows. Well, not mine, but some hair grows. I'm sure Bindi will have long locks soon.

Lisa said...

Actually, Bindi is a bit of a nut job. She has anxiety issues and a tendency to bark all the time. We love her, but she is a real challenge to live with. I even bought her a back pack "a'la Cesar" to see if that would help, and it does as long as she wears it.

Maybe someday she will grow out of her idiocy.