Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Night - 9:25 pm

I officially have nothing to write about tonight except for the fact that the family comes home tomorrow. I posted this picture of this baby I know because it is cute and he is cute and I used to have a couple of fat babies like this one.

My fat little toddler babies have turned into real miniature people with opinions and stashes of secret stuff all their own. I cleaned out a bunch of that secret stuff this weekend while they were gone. I'm hoping they don't notice and decided to give me their opinions on the situation. I am ready for them to be home. These dogs are great, but they won't go get the remote or bring me the phone. ( Isn't that what kids are for?)

They should be home mid-afternoon tomorrow unless they decide to stop at some roadside attraction and loaf a while. I'm sure I will be busy at work when they hit town, so I'll have to wait until I get home to hear of their adventures. They told me today that they are SO ready to come home and play Wii games ( him) and see the dogs ( her). Oh well, so much for missing old Mom!

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