Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yeah!!!!! The Chillren are HOME!

It is about 6:30 am on Sunday - and everyone else is still asleep. I just finished de-constructing a turkey that I overnighted because it was thawed and needed to be cooked.

We went South yesterday and had Thanksgiving dinner with the family. It was all great, way more food that we could eat. There were a bunch of cute little babies to play with, but the cutest of all are the two above. I was so glad to see them I can't even describe it. It was awful quite here the last few days - nothing to do, no chaos, no cooking, no laundry, no fighting.

They were pretty whipped when we got home, so I think I am going to just let them sleep WAY late and play hooky from church (sorry preacher cousin) . Later today we have to go have dinner again with Nanny and Papa in Hernando, so they will need to rest up.

Weatherman says snow tonight......we'll see.

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Betty said...

Those two are precious...and the ponies are cute, too. Glad you have them home again. We are smoking turkeys today because they weren't thawed in time..teehee. Enjoy yours.