Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas Yard decor

The red-neck yard decoration has begun. Since the children weren't here yesterday, Daddy decided to get the stuff out so he could put it up without interference AND so they would be surprised when we get them home on Saturday. Above is the no-where near finished front porch and flower bed. I am just not too sure about that spiral tree

Here's the Santa that Norm got at Home Depot last year. He's 10 feet tall and lighted on the inside.

I feel sure that by next week it will look like a three-ring redneck Christmas circus out there, but so what? The neighbor kids made their parents drive by every night a couple of year's ago when our next door neighbor's had an inflatable Sponge Bob out , so maybe we will be a part of the holiday driving tour this year!

1 comment:

Betty said...

Why don't we have the Flamingo-pulling sleigh here in Arizona? Seems very fitting, but I haven't seen one yet. Love your decorations, so far...too much fun going on at your house.