Sunday, November 2, 2008

The last thing we wanted

...... was another car note, but with the little gold car probably totalled and if not needing to be out of comission for a long time, we just went out today and bought another car. If the gold one ends up getting fixed, we can just sell it in the paper or something. There is bound to be someone who would want to snap it up if it can be fixed where it looks good.

Anyway, this one is a Ford Freestyle and it is sort of a cross between a mini van and an SUV. To be honest, we really did miss having our van when we got rid of it because so often we go places with the kids and other people and we just couldn't all go in the same car. I guess Daddy will drive the blue car since he puts in more miles most days and I will get the new one. Lots of pressure on me when I am driving "the good car" because I have such a hard time keeping one clean. Oh well...............

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