Sunday, November 2, 2008

We have the crud.....

Thanks Lauren for the fabulous gift of the crud. I have to assume that we got it from you since you are the only person I know currently who has had it in the last week. I started feeling bad - stuffy nose, achy, and sore throat on Friday night . Then yesterday I got more stopped up, so much so that I had to stop and buy some Afr*n nasal spray. I know, I said never again, but it was just unbearable. I tried my neti pot and it would only drip. I can take a lot without complaining too much, but a swollen, pluggy nose is just too much for me. Guess I am a wimp.

Now this morning, my baby has it too. She was awake when I got up . She was watching tv in her brother's room while he was just snoring away. I guess she woke herself up coughing. Anyway, I have her dosed up with benadryl cough and cold and some ibuprofen and she is sacked out on the couch with varying numbers of chihuahas. She's had some soup and
hot chok-lit, so she's set for a while.

I'm just hoping the other two people don't wake up with it. I will have to make another trip to the Walgreen's if they do.

On my agenda today :
1. making some banana bread with the bags of frozen bananas I have the freezer.
2. cleaning out the bird cage and hamster lair
3. finding my black mary jane shoes - they have been MIA for a week. I miss them.
4. figuring out how to set up my ebay account to sell stuff . I don't have a ton of stuff to sell, but you never know.
Or, I may not do anything except read my book and drink coffee.

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