Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tail Dock!

Our little ballerina princess decided a few weeks ago that she REEEEEEEEAAAALLY wanted to get her hair cut - short. With a dance recital looming in which she was supposed to have a ponytail and a bun, it wasn't something we could do at the time. I told her that she could get a trim when school was out, hoping that she would forget all about it. Oh no...this was the first day out of school and it was imperative that we go to the hair place and get it done.

She would have no part of just a little shape up on the ends. It had to be all the way. So, here she is with her pony tail, which she is going to donate to Locks Of Love so that " the sick kids at St Jude can get them some new hair." I was surprised that she knew about that, and I am proud that she did.
The stylist told me that it would likely be long enough to get into a ponytail/bun by next December's recital. Of course, it is isn't, we can glue it down and put a fake one on there.

I just love this view...... The best thing is that now Dad won't have to mess with a pony tail this summer !

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