Thursday, May 21, 2009

#1 of 11.....

So, yesterday was my last day at work.....and last night we went to Bahama Breeze for dinner and whatnot. As you can see above, we had a good time. There were others there too, but this was the only picture that was really focused well. I really don't like that camera and Joyce has one just like it ( which she doesn't like either) , so she took the picture since she is used to it's little snotty ways.

Now it is today and I was up at 4:28 as usual. Dog 's do not understand the concept of sleeping late, although I have to say that I didn't actually TELL them last night that school was out and I was gonna be home and that we were planning a late morning. What I should have done was slip Bindi a thunder pill last night before bed that would last all night so that she would still be a little groggy this morning and maybe not be quite so adament about getting up and out. It really didn't matter to me about getting up anyway. I ahve already cleaned the kitchen and done two loads of laundry and now the dog blankies are in the wash. I am gonna hang all those out on the line for some sunshine.

Other plans for today include....a walk with the dogs and kids -some in stroller, some on leash, some wearing roller skates. It will look like a parade going down the street. The puppies have to go in the stroller, Bindi, Dixie and Lily can walk, and the kids will roller skate. After we have done that, we are going to clean the kid's bedrooms and then get dressed to go to town and grocery shop. I have been lax and have let us run out of everything, so we are gonna have to go to Aldi and stock up since we are all going to be home for several days. I figure we might stop by my new work and let the kids scope it out. I may cook some neat stuff maybe there will be some pictures later.

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