Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saturday at the Zoo

I took the kids to the zoo for a little "wearing down" activity before the rain sets in for the weekend. Nothing better than tired kids, I say.

They both had the goofies going on , so we got a lot of silly faces.

The new "Birds and Bees" exhibit is open in the butterfly flight, and man was it a big hit with my duo.

The object is to get a budgie to light on your stick and eat millet. It's pretty easy to get them, so I am thinking that they are keeping the little things just a wee bit hungry so that they WANT that millet. Or they are feeding pellets ,so the millet is a really special treat. I didn't see a lot of seed waste in the flower beds other than millet hulls, and not a whole lot of that, so I couldn.t tell if they were just cleaning up exceptionally well or what.

The little chica , as usual, proved to be the better bird wrangler. I was surprised at how patient and still she was as she "caught" the birds. Of course, she has taught the idiot Bindi to jump through the hula hoop, so maybe she has a gift with animals. Hmmm....

Here she got a "3-fer" and held them there for several minutes. If you bobble the stick in the least, they fly, so she was doing very well.

They probably would have stayed in the flight all day, but we finally got them to agree to leave with bribes of ice cream. That always works!

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