Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Pride of Alabam'

Golden Eagle, The Pride of Alabam'! Man, this stuff brings back some nostalgic feelings. I saw some at the grocery today and it made me want to buy it and make biscuits. Homemade ones. I know how, I just don't.
If I could still eat biscuits with abandon, I'd be sopping 'em in some of this awsome syrupy goodness right NOW. My Papaw used to pour it on everything, even peas. I am sure he did it because he LIKED it that way...but also possibly because it drew such a reaction from observing children. I never liked it on anything other than biscuits, but lemme tell ya, I had plenty of those.
You won't find it in any store where people don't speak Southern English, so if you want some, lemme know and I'll send it to ya. Man it is good.

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