Wednesday, May 6, 2009

If we ever live out in the country again.......

......we are going to have some milk goats so I can make GOAT CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here it is in the package. I had it on the now famous "Chicken Bryan" the other night at Carrabba's and am stuck on it. I spread it on my one piece of double fiber wheat toast this was so good! Tonight we had a copy-cat version of the Chicken Bryan, only instead of lemon-butter sauce I used white wine cause we didn't have any lemons. It was not quite the same, but the family didn't know the difference. Girl child LOVED it and ate her chicken, and then some of mine. It has sun-dried tomatoes and a gob of basil in it too, which is what makes it "I-talian."
Here is what it looks like out of the package. It is sparkly white and the texture is like a cross between cream cheese and feta - sort of creamy/crumbly. It has a really tangy flavor, but is actually quite mild. It comes in different flavors....all sorts of herbed combinations. This roll was just plain, but I bet the others are delicious. Get some and try it on a home made pizza , a salad, or just a piece of good crusty bread. I bet you'll like it!

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