Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day - Pancake Edition

Happy Mother's Day! Hope you all have a great day, whether you have kids or not, whether it is raining or sunny. Here it is pouring and I have 4 kids to feed, so we are having PANCAKES!

Of course, I made plain sour cream pancakes for the kids, because they are finicky and won't eat things that are different. Ever since our excursion to IHOP last week, I have wanted Harvest Grain and Nut pancakes really badly. I first had them in D.C. 12 years ago when we had gone up there for a wedding and stayed at a hotel with an IHOP next door. They were new on the menu then, and have had real staying power.

Of course, I CAN'T HAVE the super-yummy, regular ones, so I decide to come up with my own simple version using the Sandra Lee method of mixing "store bought" stuff with home ingredients.

So here we go:
First, I found a medium sized glass bowl. Then dumped in about 2 cups of Fiber One pancake mix. I then added enough water to make a pourable batter.

Then I added one packet of this oatmeal with nuts and another half cup of water. It does have a little sugar, but in this case, it was all I had. I might add some whole grain cereal or other
fiber-filled item next time. Also I tossed in a handful of chopped pecans that I had leftover from brownies. Then after letting this sit a few minutes, they were cooked on a hot griddle with a bit ( ok.... a lot) of butter. You could use margarine or cooking spray, but what the heck. Butter is not from the devil, enjoy it.

Now, you can't have pancakes without syrup of some sort...and with my malady I have to use this sugar-free "breakfast syrup". I have to say, that it is not a ringer for regular pancake syrup, but it will suffice when you have no other choice. It is a little bit snotty in texture, but when it hits the warm pancakes, it thins some. Not a really strong maple flavor either, but again, it'll do. These cakes would be good with some melted strawberry jam or apricot preserves too, and maybe some ..dare I say it....whipped cream.

So, I tested my glucose before I ate the "full-of- fiber and nuts" pancakes and I was at 88. One hour after having a couple of 6 inch pancakes, butter, and sugar-free syrup, I was at 92. an hour after that, I was at 103. What this tells me is that it is A-OK to have these once in a while if I have the yearning for some pancakes. I should have had an egg or bacon with the pancakes, though, because now at 11:29 I am wanting to eat again.

Well, so much for the medical experimentation for today. Now I am going to celebrate Mother's day by climbing Mount Washmore and hopefully reducing it's peak by about 5 loads!

*** photos for this post were shamelessly lifted from Google images. Hope no one feels like I have stepped on their toes. It is always easier to ask for forgiveness than it is permission!

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