Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spring Recital 2009

This afternoon was the Spring Dance Recital....and boy was it great! My girl did a fabulous job with her THREE numbers, although the day started out rough when we couldn't find the BALLET SHOES that she HAD to have for two of the dances. After several hours of searching and fussing and phone calls all over town, we gave up and went to the venue without shoes. Luckily, Miss N had found the shoes at the studio and brought them with her. The day was saved.
Of course, my bitsy little camera is not tough enough to get long shots on the stage, so we will have to make do with these "paparazzi" shots until we get some from our photographic grandma.

She has a million poses, doesn't she?

We celebrated the end of our third year of carting her to dance twice a week with a fine dinner and now I am quite pooped! IT has been a LONG day!

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