Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Birds and Buns

This is our newest little friend, "Lynerd", aka "FreeBird" . He is actually quite tame, leading me to believe that someone trusted their wee friend's allegience just a little too much and took him outside unclipped. Either that or he made a break for it on his own.
He seems to be pretty amiable, and didn't mind being handled and plopped on a kid's head for a picture.
Uncle and Aunt has a bunch of baby bunnies ready for adoption, so guess who adopted one?

Oh well, it isn't like we don't already clean a lot of cages every few days anyway. Besides, now I will have someone to finish up the extra salad stuff I have so I won't have to toss it before it goes bad. She named this little bunya "Ladybug."
Welcome Freebird and Ladybug.........the more the merrier....I guess.

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