Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday June 4th - Zoo Again!

We are heading to the zoo today with Daigo Momma and her offspring. I haven't seen his cute little self in over 2 weeks and I need a fix, so we decided to take all three kids to the zoo for a stroll and a picnic. Get ready for some incredibly cute pictures later today because, that baby is cute and I have a camera and will have hands free because he travels in a wagon and we can put all our stuff in there.

Other stuff on the agenda today includes making banana pudding for my work folk for tomorrow and making a few cupcakes for my new boss's son, who turns 11 on Friday. He likes yellow cake and white frosting, which is my favorite too. I'm thinking a french vanilla sorta cake with butter cream frosting, however I am wondering if that will be a wasted effort on an 11 year old. Maybe I'll just pack it in and go buy some.

So far, the new job has been great. The practice is busy, which makes time seem to fly. I go in at 11 on Monday and Friday and 10 on Tuesday, making Wednesday my only day to be there at 8 am. It has been nice this week to be able to get up and do a few things around the house and have a second cup of coffee on the porch instead of breaking the sound barrier trying to get out of here to get to work on time. It took me 16 minutes to get there yesterday morning , having left home at 7:30. I got off at 4:00, and the drive home took about 35 minutes, included in that was a stop in at Schnuck's to get some stuff to make spaghetti. I think this is going to work out just fine!

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