Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pecan Grove Ponies

Thanks to my GPS, I was directed to take a state highway instead of the interstate to get to the beach from Fairhope. There are pecan farms all along the highway, and this particular one was grazing horses under the trees. I drove past it this morning and didn't see this many, but this afternoon they were all by the road, so I pulled over and snapped a few shots. There was a huge barn with a lot of trailers and trucks on the property, so it is a pretty serious equine operation. It was hot and the mares were sweaty. This particular one didn't seem to want her picture taken.
Pretty cheeks.......jowls I guess I should say. She was looking at my car, where she could hear the text chime going off.

This little guy was WHITE with blue eyes . I assume that the pony beside him is his mom because he was sticking pretty close.

Check out the egrets under their feet.

I guess they can run the horses under the pecan trees when there aren't pecans on the ground. I wouldn't think it would be safe for them to eat pecans, but then again, I ain't no horse doctor.

More egrets and a big ol'mare with a beauty mark on her face.

Pretty muscles.....

The end.

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