Friday, June 26, 2009

Official Taster for Mississippi Monkey Shines

At my new work, there are quite few people who will willingly take a sample of all the new things I am cooking, but James here is the "Official taster." He will drop EVERYTHING to get a bowlful of whatever. This day, it was the Calamondin Pie.

The tartness didn't deter James.....he gave it a thumbs up, so I guess I'll add it to the book.

I saved some seeds to try and grow a tree here in the kitchen. From what I have read, it can be done. It is a long shot, but I might be able to get it going this summer. If not, I might just have to make another trip down to Orange Beach/Gulf Shores next summer ( or this summer) and get some more. It is a real hardship, but I might just have to do it! ;)

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