Saturday, June 27, 2009

Family Reunion 2009

My Daddy comes from a big family one generation back. I guess it is still big, but no one has the big families like they once did, so the reunion has become smaller. This year, it was held near the old home place at the church where "the brothers and sisters" all went as youngsters. I knew it was country, but when we found the county road sign and turned off the two-lane balck top onto this, I thought surely we had gone astray.
As we rode along, it got a little denser and I figured we would have to turn around.

Then it opened up and we were right where we were supposed to be. Beautiful, huh?

My kids had no idea who most of the people there were, but they make connections fast. Here they are with my great-aunt, one of the two remaining "brothers and sisters." There were a whole lot of them, 13 I think.
Of course, the reunion is about two things, visitin' and eatin'. There was a LOT of yummy stuff and thankfully someone made a big pot of spaghetti so that my veggie eschewing son would be able to eat.
Oh the front porch of the church.
They are old enough to hang with the big kids now.

How often do you see something as old-fashioned as this anymore? I love it.
Here is the sanctuary. I was standing in the door, so the pew at the bottom of the picture is the very back row. No unobserved snoozing going on during the sermon in here I'll bet.

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Nancy M. said...

Beautiful country church! Our church still has one of those old attendance/offering signs. I guess only small older country churches do.