Friday, June 5, 2009

Book Review

I haven't finished this one just yet, but there is a LOT of good information in it, so I didn't want to wait until I had "digested" it all to share it with you.

The topics in the book are varied; from global awareness, frugality, general health, weight loss, and "green" living. It starts out in the 0pening chapters with a few chapters devoted to the methods and madness in factory farming in this country, then switches gears to explaining the food pyramids. After that, he goes into a discussion of his personal eating plan and how it has affected his life and health for the better.

Everything in the book is common good sense. Basically, he says that we need to eat less animals, more plants, limit portions of calorie dense foods and eschew refined products as much as possible. He is pretty liberal about other things, in fact he admits that he regularly treats himself to a small portion of his favorite "junk" foods and occasionally has a burger and fries.
It describes a way of life more than prescribing a "diet."

There are quite a few recipes in the book, some of which I intend to try. I promise to do tutorials on a few if they turn out.

Get this one at the library, you won't regret it. Happy Reading!

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