Saturday, March 14, 2009

We Made it to Orlando...FINALLY!!!!!!!

It was an incredibly long drive from home to Orlando....... but worth it! We left home at 36 degrees and unloaded our stuff here at 85! It is sunny and beautiful and everyone is HAPPY!

Here is the view from the balcony of the condo. There is a BBQ area down there and a lake. Smells like someone is cooking steaks and/or burgers.

Here is the bathtub in the larger bedroom. It is just in the corner of the bedroom....odd, but hey... I guess you could lock the bedroom door if you didn't want company.

No matter where I go, I have to do laundry. That's my Aldi detergent there ......nothing like bringing a little bit of home with 'ya!

The view of the place from the balcony door. There is a lot of room here, but it doesn't look like it in this picture.

Our driver deserved a little relaxation, so I bought him some Blue Moons when I went to the grocery store while he had the kids in the pool........

Now, y'all know I like to shop for groceries, even maybe more so now that I am trying to be a good bargain shopper. Today, I sneaked out to Publix, which is maybe the coolest grocery store I have ever been in. It has a great deli, lots of fresh stuff and a TON of things that they just don't have where we live. I think I liked it better than Whole Foods because it had all the "good for you" stuff, but the "not so much good for you" stuff too.

I found some whole wheat, flat ,sandwich bun things that are only 100 calories and 16g net carbs. I bought two bags and may be having more shipped to me if we can't get enough to take home before we leave. ( I promise Lauren, I will share)

I talked to a girl from the West Indies and two guys from Germany in the check out line and she was trying to tell them that Ramen Noodles were not good ( or good for you) and they were acting like guys and telling her that they "like noodles". It was so funny. They had M'waukee's Best Beer too....guess they were into cheap.

Now, if I can just find a Trader Joe's to visit..............hahahahaha!

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Sarah said...

Glad you all made it safely! Now... I want to know what you thought of the Animal Kingdom and what your little guy thought of Expedition Everest. Also... post some pictures soon- I need a WDW fix! :)