Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Epcot is the place where "God's big Golfball" is.......according to my nephews. Actually, it is where the princesses hang out, or at least they did today. You will have to excuse the lack of male participation in the photos, but the guys were not all that enthusiastic about the princesses.

Princess Aurora came by for a little chit-chat while we were waiting for our drinks to be served. Then, the carefully braided hairdo was falling apart, so Jasmine volunteered to help out and get it put to rights for us.

I think we liked Jasmine the best because she knows how to do hair and she is into belly dancing.

Snow White was very pleased to hear that we not only have her movie, but also a dress very much like the one she wears. Oh, she was just so sweet.

Mary Poppins was out in the courtyard signing autographs and giving advice. She told us that proper ladies always use a parasol to keep the sun off their faces.
After we saw the princesses and Mary Poppins, we ducked into the bathroom and ditched the dress and put on a LULU's shirt and some shorts and got to the business of riding some thrilling rides. We did about all of them, but the ones I remember in particular were Maelstrom, the space stuff, and Test Track. We did a few of the tamer ones too, which was nice in between the walking and waiting.
Tomorrow we go to HollyWood Studios! Then on Friday it will be SeaWorld and then my favorite, Margaritaville.

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Sarah said...

I LOVED the topiary, thanks for posting!