Sunday, March 8, 2009

Home-made Donuts

Last Sunday, we had snow-cream, so this week we had to try something different......
home-made donuts! My able assistant dragged herself out of bed at the mere mention of donuts. What could be bad about dough, grease, and sugar?
This plan of action calls for a can of small biscuits. I used a $.33 can of buttermilk style from Aldi. They are the skinny ones, not the "grands", but you could probably use the larger ones. Also, the flaky variety is not supposed to do as well, so don't get those. You just pop the can, lay them out and make a hole in them with something. I used a skinny little scoop I got in some kitten milk replacer. ( yes, I washed it) A cap from a 2-liter coke bottle would work too.

I tested the holes first in my oil. Here is what they look like when they are done. The draining on the paper was so that they didn't become big greasy sugar balls when we dumped them in the powdered sugar. Wait, that is the definition of donut, isn't it? Big greasy sugar ball?

Anyway, you just fry them up in some hot oil. Use new oil for this, not left over stuff from your last fish fry. Drain on paper towel, then pop in a bowl of powdered sugar and shake them around.

Then you just call your people to come and eat them up! These were gone in no time flat!

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