Thursday, March 19, 2009

More Epcot................

I am not sure what we were waiting for here, but it must have been something good because no one is grumpy.
The stone warriors in the China exhibit were a big hit. There was some movie we watched at some point where the stone warriors came alive. We all remembered seeing it, but no one could think of the name. Anybody out there know?

Note to self......stay on diet and don't wear sleeveless shirt when there is a camera around.

You have to be a handsome dude to be able to pull off princess mouse ears.

Try-outs for the "Goofy" job. Think he'll get it?

These two are having a great time together. She likes being "bigger" for a change.
Today we are going to Hollywood studios.....both my kids are feeling exhausted and pooky, so I have given them both some tylenol and cough syrup and they are eating ice cream for breakfast. Oh is vacation, after all.

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