Thursday, March 5, 2009

I can get back to business now.......

For the last two weeks I have been in another world......Stephanie Meyer's world with Edward, Bella, and Jacob. To say that this series was engaging is a big understatement. Just ask my girls at work. They are sick of me and these books. I resisted reading them for the longest time, thinking that since they are aimed at a high-school age audience, that they would be juvenile or feel "canned." I was so wrong. The themes were too mature for junior high, but with the degree of maturity ( or at least exposure) that high-schoolers have these days, I think they would be fine. The themes were pretty much the same ones that are universal....good guys vs bad guys, where the good guys win and have to risk it all to do so.
I have not yet seen the movie, but I guess when it comes out I will MAKE ( wink) myself get it from RedBox and see if it holds up to the books. I hope I am not disappointed, because I already have a good idea of what I think the characters look like, and I hope they aren't too different. Guess we will see!

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