Friday, March 20, 2009

Disney Hollywood Studios

Here we are, the tired old people......the hat is definately me, don't you think?

The whole crew really enjoyed the stunt was pretty alarming when the guy caught on fire. The baby REALLY wanted his "Uncle Firefighter " to be there so he could put out the

The fountain in front of the Muppett theater. Miss Piggy was in the middle dressed like the Statue of Liberty.

In the Animation Studio, there were glass cases full of real Academy Awards. I took this picture so that I can make copies to give out to my own little drama queen and king.

The kids really loved the movie Bolt ( out on video this month- YaY!), so the character meet and greet was a real must-do. The line was long, but worth it!

How often do you get to hug a hamster bigger than you are? We can't wait to tell Violet about this!!!!!

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