Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Wee Hours at Walmart

I took a quick little trip to "The Walmart" at 3 am this morning to do a little more covert Christmas shopping, and I must say that going in the wee hours is certainly the way to go!
There were only a few cars in the lot , so I got a good space . I went with the intention of getting stocking stuffers and little "fill in" gifts since Santa already got the bigger things. As it was, I ended up getting my girl a new coat because she has been wearing brother's old camo coat. They will be heading up to East TN for a few days after Christmas, and with the amount of snow that has fallen there in the last few days, they both need hats and gloves. Throw that in the basket too.
The shopping gets harder as they get older. The stuff they ask for comes in smaller packages, and some of the WOW! factor is somehow lost, at least for me. I guess if they get what they ask for they will be happy. The girl said yesterday that she wanted ( of all things) a PUPPY! I pointed out to her that we have a plethora of dogs already , but she said that she wanted a different kind with fluffy hair. I have a feeling that this is one request that Santa just won't honor.
So, I am here sittin in the chair with a cup of coffee and thinking about making something good for breakfast. Wonder what the rest of y'all are doin'?

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