Saturday, December 12, 2009

Party Preparations

We have a moderate sized party to attend tonight, and tragedy has struck. I can't find my good crab dip recipe anywhere! I have only made it a jillionty times and I remember everything that is in it, but you know how easy it would be to miss one thing and really mess it up! It was a highly requested menu item, so it really needs to turn out right. Everyone loves the hot bubbly
"crab crap." I suppose I will just wing it and it will turn out fine.

Last night I made a beautiful chocolate pound cake that will have a ganache drizzle on top at some point today. It won't take but about 5 minutes to finish that , so no worries there. The only other thing I know for sure I am making right now is stuffed jalapenos, although I may have to eat them all by myself because I am not sure that these party people are tough enough to handle them. My "almost 7 year old" eats them like popcorn, so I know they aren't all that hot!

Stay tuned for some pictures over the next few days because we plan to play wii hula hoop at the party and we have dance recital should be very very interesting!

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