Thursday, December 10, 2009

A New Pack Member.....TEMPORARILY!!!!!

I know what you are thinking......"temporary......we've heard that before. " This time, it really is short term because the baby lab will be going to a new home on Christmas Eve via Santa's sleigh.

She was born at our clinic by c-section about 8 weeks ago, and has a condition called "ectrodactyly" which means that she has a "lobster" foot. You can see it in the photo above. It is only one foot, the right front, and she uses it well. It looks a little different, but when she is moving along at playing speed, it is hard to see. For her, at least at this point, it is not a disability at all. She already has a home with two precious little boys who will be so surprised when she appears under their tree on Christmas morning. In the meanwhile, this old elf is busy trying to get her used to sleeping on her own without wailing all night and at least starting her on house training. So far, she has done pretty well on the outside part, but is still sleeping with Bindi at night.
The kids here are really excited to be able to help Santa give a sweet surprise to some other kids. This one didn't cost anyone anything, and we have saved a little life and used it to give some happiness to someone else. That is really what it is about , right?

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