Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Preparations- the Beginning

Finally! The day is here and we are getting everything together for a lovely day tomorrow. Above is the butternut ( squash) that has been languishing on my counter top for several days. ( We can't call it squash here because if we do, no one will eat to us, it is just a butternut) I used Pioneer Woman's recipe, sort of. You know I can't do anything by the book.
I did do the prep part like she says. But then I was concerned that it wouldn't hold the heart shape that my girl wanted on it, so we added a couple of egg yolks and baked it a few minutes so it would stay put. If you want the recipe, check the link in the side bar, or just hop on over to and take a peek.

It is a lovely golden orangy brown color and has a really mild flavor. Ree is so right about the texture - smooth as silk. It has a really nice, mellow flavor unlike the "in your face" stuff I usually like. I hope everyone likes it, because if they don't I will have to finish it off. Luckily, it is a lot lower carb than sweet potatos and has fiber, so I can have it.

I think the people are getting the idea that we all need to share in the preparations. Here the elder child is searching through my Fanny Farmer cookbook for something to bake. Of course, he picked something that we didn't have all the stuff for, but then he landed on a short recipe for banana nut bread.

Look at his surprise when I told him it was already in the oven! We will have a big loaf out in about 30 minutes....come on over and have some!

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