Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday Refrigerator Cleanout

So, since I watched "Julie and Julia" I have been thinking about making some different things than our usual "Ala Paula" fare. Of course, that involves looking at recipes, making a shopping list, and figuring out what I already have. Well......I took a look in the fridge and couldn't tell what was in there. The situation was many half-jars of jalapenos does one person need? I say one person, because I am the only one here who eats them.
I threw out all the jars with one pickle, combined all the peppers, and dumped all the old jelly and other condiments that were questionable. I found a couple of casserole dishes that I thought had been lost......
Here is tonight's dinner..... it was supposed to be for my birthday, but we didn't do it last night, so we will cook these babies tonight. Those are the ugly oreo balls on the left.

So I have most of the essentials to make at least a couple of Julia's recipes. I am thinking we may have some creamed onions with our steak tonight.

Wish me luck....I wonder how Paula's house seasoning work in Julia's recipes? ( I smell disaster)

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