Friday, December 18, 2009

Julie and Julia

Ok, so I don't get to the movies much, and watching them at home interferes with my reading, cooking, laundry and cleaning up after this family of dogs and kids.
I just watched "Julie and Julia" and I have to say that it is the best movie I have seen in a LONG time. Maybe it is because it is about a blogger ( Julie) who is at an impass in life and decides to cook her way through Julia's big-ass cookbook. It made me want to go buy the cookbook, however, since I am not one to go strictly by any recipe, I am sure that whatever I made out of it would end up not exactly as intended. I am going to try and scratch around and find a few of the recipes to try. I have sort of wandered through Lucy Buffett's cookbook and have made a lot of Ree Drummond's "food of love" stuff, but a really complicated thing kinda scares me! I can make most of " Aunt Paula's " food without even looking at a book and one hand in my pocket, so I figure since I can read and follow directions on some things, maybe I can follow at least the recipe for Julia's Beef stew! ( I can't spell that B word and I really don't want to go look it up)
Anyway, go rent the movie and watch it. You will like it. I am going to the store to buy beef and butter.

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