Monday, December 28, 2009

Inspector Hector Plaque Detector

The short people at our house really never wanted to be bothered with proper dental hygiene...until we got the secret weapon....."Inspector Hector Plaque Detector".
Now, they brush three or four ( or eight) times a day without complaint. Something about blue teeth and tongues is really appealing to them.

I am not sure that it does the greatest job of highlighting actual plaque on the teeth, but it does put a generalized blue haze on the whole mouth, which compels them to brush. So far, the excitement of blue teeth has not worn off, and maybe before it does, they will develop a habit of brushing at least twice a day without all the "carrying on" about it.

Right now, they are traveling with Dad to the other end of the world ( East Tennessee), doing the Christmas trip to see the other side of the family. Our family tree sort of has three trunks, so we have to spread the holidays out over both Christmas week and New Years.

It is certainly quiet around here, just me and the dogs. My camera is gone with the kids and Bindi ate the memory card to the little Kodak, so y'all will just have to do with old pics until I get a new one!

They will be back soon enough and we'll fire up a whole new year of cooking and craziness!

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