Monday, December 21, 2009

Response to comments -

"How many eggs do y'all eat?" " Why do you have so many eggs?"
Ok, so you noticed the abundance of eggs in the fridge. What you didn't know is that there are several more dozen hiding in the garage refrigerator. It all stems from the fact that two weeks in a row I have gone to Walmart and Kroger BEFORE going to Aldi. Eggs are anywhere from 1.27 to 1.77 at the major stores, then at Aldi, they might be .49 or .79, depending on factors unknown to me. I just can't go there and not cash in on that savings. Eggs keep a long time, and since I use a lot in cooking ( especially in all those cakes , brownies, and pies this time of year), so they will surely get used up. Heck, one pound cake takes 6 and a chocolate pie uses 4!
Back when we lived out a little farther, we had hens and it was nothing to have 20 dozen eggs in the fridge at any one time. We gave them away to anyone who would take them! I miss having fresh outta the bird eggs, but those were the most labor intensive eggs ever! We did enjoy the chickens as pets, or at least I did, with the eggs being an abundant fringe benefit. Maybe some day if we ever move back "out" where we can have them, we will get a few hens again. I think my girl would like that.
So, if you ever need to borrow a dozen eggs, just drop by. I am sure I can hook you up!
( and in response to several other comments, I will gladly come sort out your fridge, but I am not washing all the dirty containers that come out of it. It was bad enough to do my own! Hahahahahah!)

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