Sunday, February 1, 2009

Up Early on Sunday....

Sorry about the intermittantness and pitiful quality of my posts lately, but I just have been really occupied with other things ( my broken-leg dog, for one), and also, we cleaned off all the pictures from my hard-drive. That means that I have NOTHING to draw from when there aren't photo ops every day. My handy little Kodak camera has given up the ghost, so I am having to use the big Fuji , which is very ticky and just isn't as willing to give me good snaps. The image files are bigger, too, which means that they take a longer time to upload. That challenges my short attention span, lemme tell ya.
The dogs woke up at regualr time ( 4:30), so I just got up and let Lulu walk around a little in her newly modified splint. She can put her foot down and bear a little weight, but when she is on the move she just picks it up. I am going to give it a little longer, then we might be talking plate or something.
I promise...a picture or two later today!

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