Sunday, February 22, 2009

A man with many questions.......

In recent weeks, my first grade scholar has discovered that he can read anything he wants to read, so we have been bombarded with many questions about " What does ____ mean?" and "How do you spell _____?" For the most part, those are easy, but today, he asked a few that I had to really think about. We were alone in the car because sister had to go to church early to practice with her choir and Dad took her. Here's how it went.

Mom, what is a "mechanic"? (as we pass an add for a car repair shop) It's a person who can work on cars that are broken.

How does the RedBox know which movie you asked it for? ( as we passed Walgreen's) It is a computer.

Mom, are we Jewish? No, why?

Well, there is a Jewish calendar in the back of the song book at church. Yes, there is. Jesus was Jewish, and because of that, we study some things that have to do with Jewish traditions and culture. ( I was proud of that one)

Do you think I look funny without my glasses on? Not at all. I think you are handsome with or without, but you need to wear them. Do you think I look funny without mine?

Where can we find a good mechanic? Why do you need one?

Mom, can chimps go into outer space, really?

I guess he was just in a mood to know more...but bless Pete, he went from simple definitions to religious foundations to self image , then back to the yellow pages, then onto science. It is amazing how they can think of so many random things. I guess as adults we do the same thing, but it isn't so easy for me to answer my own questions.

I'm working on his chimp question right now. That one I can find details on. Wish me luck, because there is another rising first grader sitting at the table here now eating spaghetti and thinking.......... I am almost afraid of what she might come up with!

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