Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pinching Pennies

With the economy as it is these days, most of us are trying to do whatever we can to shave the amount we spend. On Oprah yesterday, there were some families on that are using simple strategies to cut their living expenses to incredibly low amounts. Of course, it took them a while to get to this point, but in is incredible what they have done. You can probably look at the clips on Oprah's website.

I have listed one of the couponing blogs ( on the sidebar. I am going to really start looking at these things and printing as many coupons as I can use. If the offers are there, why not use them? Of course, it doesn't make sense to use coupons to buy things that you wouldn't use anyway. I have done that in the past. You know, I would buy a name brand using a coupon when a house brand was cheaper than even the discounted name brand. For some things, I can't buy the house brand because the children won't accept the lesser price product. The most notable one that I can think of is macaroni and cheese. It is pretty much "Velveeta Shells and Cheese" or it goes in the trash. Sometimes we can get away with the Kraft product that has the sauce - not the powder kind. No way. Won't eat it.

I'll try and post any incredible deals I find so you won't miss them.
Have a great Wednesday!

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