Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Morning Doggy Fun

The dogs got up at their usual 4:20 this morning, so guess who else was up too. I was a little worried 'cause I had miscalculated my coffee supply and had only enough to make a half pot so I had to go easy on it until it got late enough to go to the store. The children got up and wanted bacon, fried eggs, sausage, waffles and strawberry stuff for breakfast and thankfully I had all that. They ate a lumberjack's breakfast, then we tripped to Aldi and got the stuff we needed. Norm did Angel food without us because it was threatening to pour and I needed to get my out of the house stuff done before it started. We got back home, got everything put away, then went to Taekwando, now I'm back home watching Gone With the Wind and doing laundry and playing on Face Book. Life is good.

That goofy little Bella dog is so funny. She just treats Bindi like a big fat sofa. If Bindi ever gets comfortably still, Bella climbs up on her and settles in for a rest. Lulu used to do that to poor Clairesse too. Chihuahua dogs are a most wonderful thing to have. ( Don't look at all the messy blankies on the floor.....they drag them out of the beds and pile them in the floor. )

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