Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Broke Leg Dog"

Things are looking a little better for baby Lulu. She is at least partly weight bearing on her leg and we have downsized her splint/bandage somewhat so that she can start walking on it a bit to build strength in the bone. Hopefully she will be able to be without anything in a couple of weeks. It will still be tenuous for a while, so keep her in your prayers. It is just silly how attached the whole family has become to these little midget dogs. Bella ( the little black masked one) adores the kids, Dixie and Lulu are my little shadows, and Allie is a Daddy's girl. Of course, when it is dinner time or cooking is going is all Mom. Crazy.

No big plans for today other than work for me and church tonight for the family. Tomorrow I have to go to the dentist - I can't wait. It is nice to have about 30 minutes when I can just sit in one spot and can't do anything else.

Big Daddy will be out of town tomorrow and Friday, so the chillren and I will be on our own. I think we will have a pizza/movie night on Thursday night and all sleep in the big bed. To them, that is better than anything else we could do. He'll be back Friday night, so it will only be for the one night. Dixie will hate it because she won't sleep in the bed when the kids are in there - I guess they move around too much.
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