Sunday, February 8, 2009

YeaH! They Finally FIT!

Milestone today Old Navy jeans that I have had on the shelf with the tags on them for months finally fit! I bought them back in August, thinking they would fit, because someone told me that Old Navy runs a little big ( wrong) and that I ought to be able to wear a 12 in the sweetheart style. Well, ought to and can are two different things. I could get them buttoned , but the muffin top they created was just a big more than I could bear, so I stuffed them onto the top shelf of the closet. They have a "just below the belly button" rise, so I wasn't sure I would like them anyway.

Today when I was getting ready to go back to church for my class, I realized too late that I had put both of my pairs of jeans that still fit ( both 12's might I add) in the washer. So, it was either wear some really huge ones with orange paint on the seat, or try the new ones again. To my surprise, they fit great. In fact, now that I have had them on a while, they may be my new favorites. The lower rise is ok, although I may need to buy new underwear cause it shows. ( Ok, I desperately need new underwear, I admit it. Most of what I have looks like bloomers now)

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