Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tupelo Buffalo Park

Today we took a little field trip to the Tupelo Buffalo Park. This tired fella is catching a snooze in the shade of a bus.......

These are some happy campers taking a look at a few reptile specimens. Wonder why they would have a cage full of guinea pigs in there. Hmmm.

Two pretty chicas. These are some campsites in the park. You can stay there if - if you dare. I don't think I would be afraid of the animals, but the mosquitos would definately be a consideration.

This guy was just lookin for some nice grass.

This is TallBoy ( original, no?) . He's a reticulated giraffe and smells awful. I had no idea that they smelled that way. I had noticed an odor at the giraffe exhibit in the "Big Zoo", but never aquainted it specifically with the giraffes. This is a really nice close encounter with something other than a goat. The kids actually fed them by hand and his tongue really has a mind of it's own and wraps around the feeder's wrist. It is sort of slimy too....real fun.

He looks like he has hives. I am gonna have to research this, since it is only on his head and the female and baby didn"t have them. Might be normal.

On the tour trolley, there is a feeding area where the people unload and put food into some bunks for the animals to eat so that the city folk can get a close look at them. Today, fishin was poor and all we got were a bunch of donkeys and mules.

Looks like a Borax ad, huh? ( Y'all know how much I love Borax)

This poor fella evidently foundered at some point in his life - he hobbled up very slowly, but then dove in for his fair share. All four feet looked clubby, but he seemed to be happy enough.

Then this tremendously fat guy barged in. He is so fat, he has a butt roll like a lot of cocker spaniels I have seen.

Oops....didn't mean to put that one on there. Back to the animals......

He is an Asian water buffalo named "Cheech". The tractor driver didn't say anything about his age, but I assume he is probably old enough to be out of warranty. His horns are messed up something fierce. Doesn't seem to bother him, though. I would just be sure to keep the grub flowing in his direction!

Is it a camel or a rabbit?

Inquiring minds want to know. "Hey, ya think I could get you to get me the hookup for some Invisalign?"

Here are the legs of the zonkey "Zelda". She's half donkey, half zebra.

The girls were fascinated with hand wash station.

There is a cool fort with all sorts of ladders and lookouts. Not my favorite part.

We had a lovely day at the Buffalo Park, then headed back toward home....we stopped on the way and ate way too much seafood and now.....gotta rest up for new adventures tomorrow.

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