Friday, July 24, 2009

Grand Opening Week of the New Publix in Fairhope!

When we got back from dinner ( post on that will follow) we passed a BRAND NEW Publix which just happened to be having their grand opening. Just look at these mangos and kiwi fruits.
Even the fresh greens were smiling and happy.

Look at how they are all lined up! There was a guy walking around policing the produce.

Lauren liked the canary melons.

Have you ever seen such a selection of nuts???

Everything in the store was lined up with precision.

They had all sorts of interesting pasta, not that pasta is on my menu anymore.

...and every kind of international cooking sauce you can think of.

Falafel flavor? I really have to wonder how much of this will sell in South Alabama.

Ha! Juice boxes for grownups. Funny, there was no straw attached.

Not sure what this means.
Lauren was so excited about her Jone's Cream Soda and a HUGE can of Goya sardines. The sardines are for Jeremy......
The trip to Publix was fun. I found some Castile soap and some low carb-hi fiber wraps that I might be able to tolerate. If anyone from Publix reads this, PLEASE COME TO OUR AREA!

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