Friday, July 31, 2009

Field Trip to Whole Foods

Yesterday ( before the tornadoes ripped through the area) I took a mid-day field trip to Whole Foods to get some salad for lunch and some produce to last until we can get to the farmer's market. I have been there before......but it still is like going to Disney World every time.

The produce is gorgeous....I got a quart of blueberries ( already half gone) and 5 lbs of black plums ( might last through today.) The cherry tomatoes were very nice, and since my daughter eats them instead of grapes, I got her two pints so that maybe I will have some for a salad later today.

I didn't really get to spend a lot of time browsing, but I did get some sweet potato baby food to put in pancakes and biscuits, and some greek yogurt to eat as is. ( 13 carbs per container, so I can have it) They had some lovely fresh cheese and spinach manicotti ( 11 carbs per) so I got that too. Goat cheese - in the basket. I felt the need to make some chicken Bryan this weekend since I have box wine from Publix still on hold in the fridge especially for that purpose. I have had almost nothing but seafood or other fish and veggies for about a month, so chicken sounds pretty good right now. ( ok, some of that stuff was fried - take points off my score for that).

Since Whole foods is all about being healthy, there was no DIET soda in there anywhere. I was searching in particular for DIET creme soda, which only seems to exist in places other than where I am. We couldn't find it in Pensacola/Orange Beach/Gulf Shores and it is not to be had here in the tornado zone. Jones has it on their web site for 18.00 plus shipping for 12.....not real sure if it is worth that. As time goes on without it, we might be forced to get some.

On a final note....I had to buy TWO new canvas bags when I was there because I did NOT have one in the car. I have a Trader Joe's one that I just can't bring myself to use because if it tears up I will have to go to Nashville to replace it. Anyway, the point of the canvas bag is to take it in and reuse it....not buy new ones every time. They were only 1.99 and are burgundy with giraffes screened on them, so naturally, had to have. They are smallish, but that doesn't matter...they are so cute I can deal with small. Is it PC to use a bag from one store to go into another? I am thinking it would be fine to take a walmart one into target, because that shows you are stepping "up", but an Whole Foods bag to Aldi...might not be so good. Opinions?

addendum: FYI- client told me yesterday that Trader Joe's is coming to MEMPHIS........ soon. We are at the top of the list, according to someone he knows who is in the company structure or something....anyway....we gettin' one.

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