Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July Activities....

To kick off the Independance day festivities at our house, we put together a new pad for the baby bunny who has now become a spoiled brat rabbit. The "plan" that we used is pretty simple. I call it the "Hamburger cage". Basically it is two pools and some wire. In this case, the hardware cloth is a little height deficient, but it was all they had at the Home Depot. I may add another ring around the top, but if it is too tall, the child can't get over it to get the bunny out.
Here it is with the top off. The only reason it has to have a top anyway is because of the cats who desperately want to make Hassenfeiffer out of her.

I gotta go dig through the sports box outside and find her a ball that she can't chew up. and then maybe some old baskets to demolish. I know she will be happier in her new digs.

" Ah wants y'all ta know that ah did NOT uppruve of dis bunya bein a part of mah famileh."
.....Princess Poops-A-Lot

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