Saturday, July 25, 2009

Big Dinner at the Blue Marlin

Friday night we ate at The Blue Marlin on scenic HWY 98. It was so dang good! Above are the incredible fried mushrooms......they serve them with Ranch, but I can say that they woulda been better with some WOW! sauce.

We ordered fried pickles too ( I know......don't say it) and they were monster good as well.

The whole flounder ( my favorite) dinner was really good too, but not quite as spectcular as I thought it would be. It was a little bit more "fishy" than I was expecting, of course it is a fish, so I can't fault it for that. I still think the best I have ever had was at the Longbeach Fish house in Biloxi ( before Katrina ripped it off the beach) . Overall, the food at the Marlin was good, the service excellent and prices reasonable. It is very kid friendly , and we enjoyed watching the family with a two year old next to us who was eating crab claws as fast as they handed them to her. Reminded me of a certain little Coconut back home!
If you are in the Foley/Fairhope/Gulf Shores area....go to the Blue Marlin. You will really enjoy it!

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