Saturday, July 25, 2009


We can't leave the coast without bringing home some shrimp on off to Billy's Seafood because Jeremy( Lauren's husband) says they have the best. Ok, it all comes from the same place and the same day, so how could it be better? We went there anyway and bought enough for the family when we get home.
Billy said "Park on the Cement".....well....there wasn't enough cement for more than two cars and Billy was busy cause the boats just came in, so we had to park on this....

Which is busted oyster shells. Can't do any barefootin' here.

Billy has more shrimp that Bubba from Bayou LeBatre. It smelled reelllly good in here......

He has fish too....these were right outta the water. There were a few nice flounder in there that I would have loved to fry up, but we don't live here, so guess we'll have to wait til we are here in a condo with a kitchen.

Here are a couple of the boats that had just dumped time I am here, we are going to be sure and bring the little peeps down to buy their own shrimps.

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