Friday, October 2, 2009

"Applesauce" is almost done!

Here's what I have so far on Applesauce's outfit. The top is just an expanded ( greatly) version of the simple pillowcase dress. The bottom is a very flowy split skirt that I got from Goodwill. The fabrics coordinated very well, so even though it is quite busy, I think it will work. ( It actually can make me a little nauseous if I look at it together too long.)

The top needed a little weight at the bottom to hold it down, so I went to JoAnn's and got this cool polyester upholstery trim and ran it around the hem. It adds a lot, so much in fact, I have made some bands to put around the bottoms of the legs of the pants ( gonna have to do some major gathering on that!) so I can put it around the bottom - making sort of "balloon" pants.

The top is held together at the shoulders with ribbons. This is really simple, in fact, the hardest part is facing the armholes, and even that isn't all that complicated.

I think we might have to build on a room to hold all the clown stuff. Or maybe just add a closet in the garage.

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