Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Decades" Day

To celebrate our school's accomplishment in being selected as a "Blue Ribbon" school this year, the children are dressing in a different theme each day this week. While in theory, this is a great idea, for working parents, it is a big pain. Fun, but a pain! We chose the 60's because it seemed to be the easiest one to costume. Here is my girl wearing her very marginal tie-dye and a hacked up sweatshirt vest.
She was pretty proud of the whole thing, but then she is one for dressing up ( or down) anyway.

The boy was not quite as into the idea, and was quite perturbed when the red of his tie-dye actually turned out to be a little on the pinkish side. Ok, it is a lot pink, hence the black jacket.
He did consent to wear it only because we made a black headband out of one of my old shirts and I let him wear his shark necklace. He said the headband was like a ninja, so it was all cool.
Tomorrow is " When I Grow Up Day". Good thing they both said they would dress as veterinarians . They both have scrubs and I can get caps and masks. A stuffed animal and we are DONE!

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