Monday, October 12, 2009

Take Your Kids to Work Day ( otherwise known as "School's out and there is no babysitter")

During the two-day fall break, the little people in the family are "working" with Mom.
This guy is getting a little OJT and learning how much work it takes to keep the clinic running.
He's a pretty good table cleaner now that he is tall enough to reach across it.

The laptops come in handy in these situations. So do portable DVD players, Nintendo DS, and cable TV. We had it all going at one time!

Super Collapse and Bejewelled require some brain power.

" Tinkerbell " the poodle came in to get her stitches out from her emergency Hysterectomy that happened last week. The kid was there the day she had the surgery and had made a picture of the "real Tinkerbell" for the dog Tinkerbell to take home with her. It was really cool that she got to see how things turned out.

There is always some sort of cleaning that can be done. Window washing is a good place to learn.
Also, it got her away from the brother for a few minutes. Things were getting a little intense.

She did a pretty good job , at least on the lower parts.

Always time for a little posing.

The day ended a bit earlier than usual, and we headed home to our own little pack of ankle biters and a lot of house work to complete. It will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings!

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