Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall Break, Day 2

The second day of Fall Break started out with some computer time. Thank goodness for laptops, dvd players and Nintendo DS because we would have been sorely hurting if not for our electronic babysitters.
A bit later in the morning, we had a few spare minutes, so we let the apprentices take a look at the inner workings of their dog.

They were pretty interested in both the ultrasound and the x-rays that we took right after.

Hopefully by the time they are teens, they will be ready for summer jobs at any clinic in the area. I figure, since I got hired when I was a kid, and I have helped "raise" a lot of other people's kids in a clinic environment, there will be someone who can train these in what it means to get up every day and do whatever it takes.

Spaghetti for lunch means wearing a few towels so that it doesn't ruin your scrubs!

Good thing we had spaghetti because that's my boy's very favorite.

The afternoon rolled on without too much excitement, except for these puppies, who fortunately have a home of their own and did NOT need to come home with us!

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